Size Guide
NOCHTLI a Nahuatl word meaning CACTUS
ThIS gorgeous NOCHTLI blouse is perfect for summer because of its lightweight, cotton gauze fabric fibers.
sheer, lightweight, embroidered.

These are handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Handwash in cold water and hang dry.

one size fits most (up to size Medium)

21" across

27" long

Photography by RV Portraits

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These are just approximations.
Each dress whether Small, Medium or Large, fits differently.

Size of the dress is based on the measurement taken from arm pit to armpit just above the bust line. 

All Sizes are taken in inches.

Length of Blouses: 
XS: 24"
S/M: 28"
L: 28"/29"
XL: 3O"+
Since these are made in Mexico, the best way to make sure that you are getting the right size for your babes is to measure their feet in inches and then refer to our chart below. 
      SIZE 0 || 3.5"
   SIZE 1 || 4"
      SIZE 2 || 4.5"
        SIZE 3 || 4.75"
   SIZE 4 || 5"
       SIZE 5 || 5.5"
    SIZE 6 || 6"
         SIZE 7 || 6.45"
         SIZE 8 || 6.75"
    SIZE 9 || 7"